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 I am unbelievably excited to share the news about Villasenor Counseling's upcoming project.  A longstanding goal of mine has been to teach young children the importance of personal safety and boundaries.  This is something I can accomplish within the therapy process, but it is important to send this message on a larger scale.  That is why I have written a children's book exploring this topic. The goal of this book is not to strike fear in the lives of parents and children, but to develop a sense of assertiveness in young children and help parents start conversations about personal space. It is important that children understand that they can speak to a trusted adult if they feel unsafe. This is the motive behind my new book!

Even more exciting, Villasenor Counseling is teaming up with the talented artist, Miranda Villanueva to create beautiful illustrations along with a beautiful message!  

This project is in the early stages, so please stay tuned for more information about the availability date!